Obama and Letterman Will Make Netflix Great Again Tonight

  • by IMAGE

If, like us, you feel like Netflix just isn’t pumping the gold out fast enough to feed your insatiable watching appetite, fear not. They have you covered tonight.

Snuggle up and tune in for the launch of what looks to be a cracking new in-depth interview show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction hosted by David Letterman, America’s favourite late night comedian emeritus. First guest up? One Barack Obama, who’s making his first TV talk show appearance since leaving office. We’re dying to hear what he’s up to and even see with our own eyes how he looks minus a suit and tie. It’ll be so refreshing to witness what presidential really looks like again. Never has a man been more sorely missed.

We'd also like some news on the fam, please- How's Michelle's gardening going? Has Malia settled into Harvard? What's it like living down the road from the Trump Show and driving past the old gaff every day?


It'll be great to see Dave back in the driving seat, too, even if he is sporting a full on Santa beard that frankly doesn’t do him or facial hair anywhere any favours.  We're definitely planning to tune in for his monthly chats with other modern icons -  Clooney, Malala, Jay Z are already lined up.

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