Numerology: Discovering your Purpose in Life

If you're at all interested in a world beyond cold, hard science, you may have heard of Numerology. Though it sounds very mathematical (something we associate with physics more so than with any of the divinatory arts), Numerology is based on a belief system that sees a special relationship between numbers and coinciding events. Fast becoming a popular choice for those seeking to uncover their life path, here we catch up with leading Irish Numerologist, Grainne Tyndall, eager to learn more.

So what exactly is Numerology, where did it come from?

Numerology is sometimes called the ancient science of numbers. It has been used for over 10,000 years and most indigenous tribes had a Numerologist within their community to aid tribe members to recognise their divine purpose?and?further their'self awareness. Numerologists were especially consulted upon the birth of a new child as the child's date of birth was revered and the parents recognised the importance of their responsibility as parents to help their child reach their purpose in life.

And how does it work?

Numerology is based on your full name which appears on your birth certificate and on your date of birth.?Each number of your date of birth has a significance along with your name which highlights the lessons to be learned through your family lineage.


Is there any relationship between Numerology and Astrology?

Astrology and Numerology do intertwine however Astrologers state that we live in cycles of 7 years whereas Numerologists state it is 9 years!

So how does it actually help people?

Numerology is a powerful tool of developing self awareness and spiritual understanding. It can advise people of many things such as life path, career path, personality, destiny, family lineage, timing of events, inner child and more.

What is the significance of a 'life path' number, which we've heard about?

Your life path number is what your potential and skills are in this lifetime and is probably the most important number.

What does it mean when we read that our lives run in cycles of 9 years?


We live in cycles of 9 years and each year of a cycle has a significance which if followed can make life a lot easier!

How do we use our inner child age as a tool to improve our lives?

One of the beliefs behind numerology is that we have chosen the exact circumstances into which we are born. Therefore we have chosen our parents, place of birth, social status, location etc. We each have an inner child and every individual has different experiences to have as a child. Numerology can pinpoint the exact age of our inner child and help with the healing process if?necessary for ourselves and our?family.

Okay, so if my birthday is May 30th, 1988, what can you tell me about my path?

If you were born on the 30th of May 1988, this means you are a lifepath 7. Your life purpose is to continually develop yourself personally. You are an avid learner with a insatiable desire for knowledge. You thrive in a teaching or guidance role.? You are an old soul who likes the old fashioned ways of doing things! Learn to let go of the past so the future can be yours for the taking. You need a spiritual practice and meditation is VITAL! You are currently in a number 6 year which is all about promoting yourself and working through issues with family, friends and in relationships.

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