There Is Now A Tinder-Like App For Making New Friends

Good news for those who can't get enough of swiping left and right on Tinder, ruling out the 99% of users who don't quite pique your interest within a nanosecond of seeing their best ever selfie: you can now choose you friends in the very same way. Hurrah! A new friendship app has been launched in San Francisco, in which people can link up with new potential pals, picking out your kind of people based on a Tinder-like amount of criteria and a similar interface. Once you stumble upon a personality match within your general vicinity, the app notifies you and suggests you meet up IRL. It's called Hey! Vina (don't worry, it makes no sense to us either), and to set up a profile, you're required to fill out a personality questionnaire. You can also take part in fun quizzes such as 'who your celebrity BFF would be' because it's information like this that leads you to your kindred spirits. Before you go hurtling towards the App Store on your phone, it's worth pointing out that this app is designed for women seeking friendships with women. Friendships with anyone of the opposite sex appears to be out of the question.

We get the sentiment; we're always complaining about the fact that it's not easy making friendships outside of work when you get a little older and can longer rely on your mom to arrange play dates with the kids across the road, so it's nice to see a business recognise this social challenge. However, call us old-fashioned, but we prefer to cultivate our friendships organically rather than base them entirely on first impressions. You can hardly judge a potential friendship by their appearance, right? The only instance in which this can be somewhat relied upon is if you're only after one thing; a bit of 'how's your father', if you will (in which case, their profile picture will do just fine, along with a quick Facebook stalk and a psycho/killer/foot fetishist vetting, of course). Then again, if you've moved to a new city all on your lonesome, and the thought of skulking around the nearest?park?in the hopes of catching the attention of your new BFF does little to motivate you, perhaps this is an ideal, more gentle?way of getting connected.


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