Normal People's most beloved accessory now has its own Instagram account

Are you as obsessed with Normal People as we are? Is it due to its raw, unflinchingly tender portrayal of first love? Because we're all really thirsty for Connell?  Or is it due to an erotic prop/accessory worn by actor and Kildare native Paul Mescal? For some of us, it's the latter. So much so in fact, that Connell’s silver chain has its own Instagram fan account

There's much to be said about Normal People, from its unapologetic Irishness to the beautiful writing in the script, the standout performances from its actors to the careful realism of the sex scenes. It is a show which has ignited something within the viewer. A nostalgia for time gone by? Longing for true human touch? (the pandemic has seen us stripped of this for weeks). Regardless, it has had an astounding emotional resonance.

This is due to the expert, nuanced performances from both lead actors, Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal as Sligo natives Marianne and Connell, but everything clicks. The settings, the music, even the love scenes are carefully done, not gratuitous, yet they ask the same of both Edgar Jones and Mescal.

In fact, far from the camera often left lingering on the female form, Mescal spends much of the series in little but his silver chain, which has developed its own following – literally.


Yes, this one sartorial detail has given rise to hundreds of longing tweets – and then some.

In fact, it now has its very own Instagram fan account. And with over 30k followers, it's going nowhere.

In this sole account devoted to Connell's erotically charged silver chain, you can to enjoy photos of Connell (and chain, always wearing the chain) reading, photos in an indoor swimming pool and in various Normal People scenarios – always Connell and his chain.

Exhibit A:


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Hit follow and enjoy.

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