New Year Advice From Fitness Pro's We Trust

Forget quick fixes. Reprogramme your body and mind for restored energy, vibrant health and peak performance.

Commit 100%

You can't out train?a bad diet, so make sure your new eating plan mirrors your exercise plan,? says Milena Jaksic Byrne of Platinum Pilates ( ?there's nothing that motivates us more in January than seeing the results set in.?If you commit to cleaning up your diet as well as taking up a new exercise plan, you will see results much faster than if you choose only one

Time Out

Constantly responding?to stimuli can be exhausting, says Deb Shapiro, co-author of Be the Change: How Meditation Can Transform You and the World. But it takes only 60 seconds of quiet time to recharge. When the daily toil is getting too much, Shapiro recommends taking five slow, deep breaths.

Train Smart

Too much aerobic exercise might burn fat, but it can be ageing on the body. To retain a youthful glow and stay
in shape, Jamie Myerscough, CEO?of Educogym Ireland, recommends resistance work combined with high intensity interval training. ?About 20- 30 minutes three times per week is all you need. This allows you to produce lots of the highly regarded growth hormone, the secret to youth, while holding on to and even regaining lost muscle tissue. You will also see a firm and toned figure reappear before you in no time.? What's more, there's a longer-term benefit to all that lifting, too: Muscle accounts for about a third of the average woman's weight, so it has a profound effect on metabolism. Muscle chews up calories even when you 're not in the gym. Replace 10lbs fat with 10lbs lean muscle and you'll burn an additional 25-50 calories a day.

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