New Study Says Attractive Women Get Better Grades

?Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.?

The Man in Black, The Princess Bride

Every now and then a study comes along that makes you hate the world a teeny bit. Maybe more than a teeny bit. According to a team of researchers at the Metropolitan State University in Denver, there is a strong link between good looks and academic performance. In short, women deemed conventionally attractive get better grades.

Researchers divined this unfair nugget of a conclusion by comparing students? grades with a rating given to their student ID photo by others. The women who scored the looking ratings in the attractive ID photo games tended to earn 'significantly lower grades?. The more beautiful people considered you, the better you fared academically.


However, things are as straightforward as they seem. In a rather grim observance, male professors were more likely than female teachers to reward beautiful women higher grades. Shudder for sure. Also, the ?pretty privilege?, as The Cut reports, doesn't work all the time. For online courses, one's appearance did not affect their grades. Well, that's one ray of light.

Via The Cut

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