New Nike Campaign Is About Motivating Women

There's been a slight change in how the fitness industry markets to women. Remember that UK lottery campaign from a few months ago that show women's arses actually jiggling as they had, shock horror, fun while exercising to the booming tune of Get Your Freak On?

We loved the ?This Girl Can? video. Now, Nike are getting in on the addressing-women's-actual-concerns game with their new campaign, #BetterForIt. The new commercial shows women in various exercising scenarios; one attends a yoga class; another is trying out weights. While this all occurs, we hear these women's inner monologues. The soundtrack is one of insecure thoughts and self-doubt. As the women do more and more exercise they realise how they are more than capable, and just how much fun they are having.

#BetterForIt is about inspiring and motivating women to get more active, and to be unafraid of new challenges. Last week our Caroline wrote about how she overcame her fear of the gym to become something verging on an evangelist for the positive mental effects of regular workouts.


Do you think it's inspiring?

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