New Life Skill: Making Cupcakes With Stork

For all the sweet treats we consume in the office, you'd think we'd have a clue how to whip up a cupcake batter and make a bun. Alas, our sweet tooth is often an unquestioning one, with expensive taste.

Thankfully Stork took it upon themselves to invite us to a baking masterclass yesterday evening in Cooks Academy on Dublin's South William Street. Yvonne Keating was on hand with a helping hand as we tackled a whole batch of cupcakes and the decorations too. There were chocolate corn flakes and mini-eggs for the birds nests we crafted - although photographic evidence below suggests we need to apply a lighter touch.

We also decorated a full-on decadent chocolate cake, which made us everyone's favourite department in work today. So, if you too feel like expanding your repertoire of life skills and being the type of gal who brings treats to the table, have a look at the recipe we managed to follow below. And remember - #BakeWithStork!


Easter Nest Cupcakes, Serves 12



115g (4 oz) Stork tub 115g (4 oz) caster sugar 2 large eggs

115g (4 oz) self-raising flour, sieved together with 1?2 teaspoon?baking powder


Place all cake ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat until well mixed.? Place in 12 muffin paper cases placed in a muffin tray.

Bake in preheated oven 190?C,? 170?C fan, Gas mark 5 for 15-20 minutes. Cool.

Decorate with Cadbury's mini eggs


Chocolate Nest

40g (11?2 oz) Stork tub?3 tablespoons golden syrup

6 tablespoons drinking chocolate powder

18 tablespoons cornflakes or branflakes


For chocolate nest, gently melt Stork and syrup and stir in chocolate and cornflakes. Place a tablespoon of mix on each cupcake in a nest effect and leave to set. Serve decorated with Cadbury's mini eggs.

Here's how ours turned out!


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