New App Developed In Dublin Hopes To Promote Safety

Do you ever feel unsafe or anxious when out walking on your own? Do ever feel like you need help, but you don't want to panic friends or family? There's an app for that. The BigRedButton is a personal safety app, developed by Irish man?Paul Price, that provides support to people who feel concerned for their safety. The app is currently only available?for Apple but is in the process of being developed for android. It?aims to encourage the public to feel safe and secure while alone or at their most vulnerable.

The app, which launches in the UK and Ireland this week, was developed by entrepreneur?Price after an incident occurred with his son which sparked the idea for The BigRedButton app. Speaking about the event that led him to develop?the BigRedButton app, Paul Price said: ?We got a call from our son, who was in trouble, but we were not close enough to get to him quickly. We had to hang up and ring around to find someone who could get to him quicker than we could. When we tried to call back his line was engaged and when we did finally get through, it was obvious that the police were required so, again, we had to hang up so he could call 999. For everyone involved, not being in constant communication, was very stressful and I knew that this was a situation that other individuals and families find themselves in.?

BigRedButton Personal Safety App

So how does it work? It allows a person in need to contact a team of qualified professionals who can then put you in contact with family, friends or emergency services. By registering your details which provides the user 24/7 access to a professional and trained support team. Your friends and family can then be added to your personal contact list who can then be contacted if requested. What's more, the app uses GPS to locate a person in need and maintains two-way communication with the person until they are met by emergency services, or until the person decides that they are no longer at risk.


You'll never walk alone.

The app is currently available for a one-year subscription to BigRedButton costs €9.99, with calls to the service costing €1.75 per minute. According to Price ?people only expect to make one or two calls a year so the service is a very affordable way for everyone to improve their personal safety?. According to the app developers, all charges are billed through to a user's credit card, making it practical for those who may not always have credit on their phones.

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