Nathalie's Wish List

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1.I'm such a sucker for a good lunchbox. These gorgeous lacquer bento boxes, around €23 each,?Leif, would hopefully encourage me to bring my lunch in a bit more often.

2. My favourite fragrance, in gorgeous limited edition packaging, just as I've run out.? Perfect timing. Stella Print Print Collection Eau de Parfum, 30ml, €49,?Boots.

3. Necklace by Tatty Devine, €100,?Cold Lilies. This piece was inspired by Mexican embroidery, but made by laser cutting perspex, which gives it a fun modern twist.


4. Fuji X100s, €1099,?Conns Cameras. I know, it's A LOT of money for such a dinky camera. But it's got nothing but rave reviews from so many of my favourite pro photographers and has quickly achieved cult status in the photo community. Though I have an amazing dSLR, I'd love something lightweight that lets me take pictures anywhere, anytime.

5. Love this cool, smart and well designed wall hook by Irish couple Clare + Gar, €32,?Irish Design Shop

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