Natalie B Coleman: Five Things I Know About Fashion

Fashion designer and National College of Art and Design lecturer, Natalie B Coleman, shares her pearls of fashion wisdom with us.

Number One: That staying true to your design and brand aesthetic is important.


Number Two: For me designing from a place of truth is so important, I really believe that putting love and thought and sensitivity into the design of your clothes and sometimes humour as well translates, that clothes can carry on a story. I still have pieces from my Mother's wardrobe that I cherish and some of my Grandmothers furs and I love the memory and story behind them.


Number Three: Fashion is fun and the right dress can totally change your night!



Number Four: I really need to stay organised with so much going on, so having the right piece of technology for support is completely vital to keeping everything on track, I use my Surface Pro 4 so much as I am a lists person and really depend on it to organise my diary and get me to the airport on time!


Number Five: There can never be too many sequins!

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