Naked Selfie: Kim Kardashian V Bette Midler And Chloe Grace Moretz

Unless you reside under the comfort of a Kardashian-proof rock, you'll already be aware of Kim's latest attempts at breaking the internet with, yep, another naked selfie. First thing's first, she looks incredible, though the frequency of images in which we see Kanye's S.O. in her beautiful birthday suit is probably affecting their initial impact at this rate. We're not sure what else she can do to shock the world wide web, are you? Secondly, on International Women's Day let it be said that it's her body; she can do what she wants with it. If displaying her post-pregnancy curves?for all the world to see has the effect of empowering other woman and indeed empowering Kim, should we disapprove?

When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL

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Then of course there's the flip-side of the continually trundling Kardashian debate where significant arguments against such exhibitionism can be made. Does such behaviour merely perpetuate the objectification of women that we're still working so hard to move away from? Shouldn't Kim be using her considerable platform to say something more meaningful? Or show other women, and younger fans, that we've got a lot more to offer than our bodies? It's a debate that the collective public struggles to get their head around; sometimes we praise Kim for her body positivity and other times we condemn her for leaving so little to the imagination. And then of course there are those who just live their lives with a permanent Kardashian mute button, which we're sure has its benefits too.

In the wake of Kim's naked selfie, two particular female celebrities spoke out to slam her actions. The first was Bette Midler who's never been one to shy away from expressing her feelings on Twitter.


The second was Chloe Grace-Moretz who took a more balanced, diplomatic approach.


In this instance, what side of the fence do you sit on? Whether you salute her actions or you feel they are nothing but harmful, Kim won't be letting the grass grow under her (naked) feet; in response to the latest backlash, she hit back?in a way that only Kim knows how, with another naked photo. #Liberated.

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