My Favourite Restaurants

Before arriving in New York to work as general manager of the famous Momofuku Ss'm Bar five years ago, Dubliner Sara Jimenez served her time working at restaurants in London and her hometown. Here, the well-travelled GM shares her ultimate global foodie pit-stop tour.


St John Bread and Wine, London


It's hard to pick one place in London; there are so many wonderful restaurants that I want to go to again and again. But whenever I think of my favourite breakfast, the first thing that springs to mind is the Old Spot bacon sandwich they do here. In keeping with the dining room, the bacon sandwich is pure simplicity. Two huge slabs of grilled sandwich loaf, baked on site; buttered of course. Lots of thick slices of salty, meaty, juicy bacon, and served with their house-made tomato ketchup. It really is perfection. And if you still have space - and you're there on the weekend - get one of the doughnuts!


L?Arp?ge, Paris

This is definitely indulgent but it was one of the most memorable lunches I've enjoyed in a long time. It's a lovely, bright, elegant room. Its legendary chef Alain Passard offers several menus - so you can go crazy or keep it reasonable. Several years ago he announced that his menu would heavily feature vegetables grown in his biodynamic farm just outside Paris. There were so many incredible dishes all of which were veggie focused - cabbage vol-au-vent, beet tartare, radish risotto - but my favourite is the black truffle and onion ravioli, in a Jerusalem artichoke consomm?. I can still taste it -



The Four Horsemen, New York

If you come to New York, you have to visit Brooklyn, and if you go to Brooklyn you have to go to the Four Horsemen. An intimate dining room and bar, great music, awesome wine list and amazing menu. Though the menu changes regularly, there are some staples that you shouldn't miss - the beef tartare could be the best I've ever had, fried potatoes and aioli, and there's always pasta that will inevitably blow my mind. And that's before I get to the dessert list, which is always a treat.

This article originally appeared in Cara magazine (visit for more destinations).

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