This Is How Much Time We Spend Dossing In Work

Let's be honest; we're all guilty of spending some time during working hours watching another cute animal video or a sneaky few minutes flicking through Netflix, right? And yes, multiple tea breaks also count towards doss time, unfortunately. It's perfectly normal. But just how much time do we spend per working day slacking off? New research was conducted in hopes of finding the answer.

According to their study,?the economists?- Michael Burda, Kaie Genadek, and Daniel Hamermershfound - found that, on average, workers spent about 34 minutes per day not working. Doesn't seem that much, right? But when the economists got rid of the people who claimed they didn't spend any time slacking off (because we really believe that), the figure rose to 50 minutes. About half that time wasted was spent on eating, the other half on ?leisure? activities (we knew those tea breaks would fit in somewhere).

To get their results, the study authors used the'self-reported American Time'method, where workers were asked to comment on their activities.

Then, perhaps unsurprisingly,?not everyone wasted the same proportion of the workday, and the authors explained that more someone worked, the'more?time they slacked off to even it out.

Of course,'results are always going to be limited when compiled by a self-reporting method, but the timeframe of less than an hour per day on the doss is probably on point. What's important here is perspective. We've reported many a time on the importance of taking breaks during your working periods (for the betterment of your overall health and wellbeing) and even how napping during this timeframe benefits your productivity.


In fact, previous studies suggest that?the ideal work/break balance comes out to 17 hard-earned minutes of fun time for every 52 minutes of work. If you calculate that for a ten-hour day, that would actually clock up to?two hours?of your own fun time.

So dear workers, you're not doing too badly at all it seems. Enjoy your breaks as you work hard for them, just draw the line at Netflix binges in the office, okay?


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