Move Over Chocolate, 2015 Is All About The Ginvent Calendar

Halloween is over, and you've packed away your Hocus Pocus DVD for another year. If you've had a heavy weekend, it's also likely that you've sworn off drink forever, which really just means 'for as long as you can before the festive party season kicks off, and the mulled wine wins you over'. Though we plan to and should be taking most of November to hibernate and recharge our batteries, we can't help but feel ready for Christmas when we hear rumblings of something called a 'ginvent calendar'. No longer the reserve of children (well, the traditional chocolate kind) advent calendars have grown up and become a world of excitement for us grown-ups. Filled with gin. While you may have rushed downstairs each morning before Santa's arrival to open that fateful little calendar window, nibbling your chocolate surprise before you've even had your breakfast, you'll probably want to treat this one a little differently. Or not, we don't judge.

According to the makers, behind each of the 24 windows lies a different 3cl sample of gin. There are market leaders and artisanal treats alongside new brands and even some hard-to-find gems.

There's a few places offering their own take on the ginvent calendar, and if it's a gift for your gin-obsessed friend or a treat just for you, you might want to put by a few euro, as these ones don't come as cheap as the chocolate-filled kind. Here's the best one we've stumbled upon and here's where you can buy it. €160.89? €174.92

Advertisement, various prices.

ginvent calendar Ginvent Calendar, created by The Gin Foundry

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