Most Handsome Movie Cast Ever?

The Riot Club hits cinemas today and have you seen that publicity materials dotted around the place? As one staffer's mother said, ?They're all so handsome I can't even look at the poster.? See above for today's dose of handsome.

The Riot Club is based on Laura Wade's play Posh and tells the story of an exclusive upper class group of men in Oxford University who leave a privileged path of destruction in their formally attired wake. Riot Club members wine, dine and then destroy their surroundings with the final resounding bang being the smack of a wallet on the table to pay for the clean up costs. Membership means one thing - you're entitled, excessive and will do quite well in life because you are also very connected.

The Riot Club.

The whole scenario is based on the real life Bullingdon Club, a dining club at Oxford University who are known for their grand banquets and generally bad attitude. British Prime Minister David Cameron is a former member, as well as Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

The Riot Club.


The movie is our weekend pick because we love a good class drama and the cast is the best-looking thing to have come to our attention in forever. Max Irons, son of Jeremy and regular Burberry model, plays the protagonist Miles who introduces us to this decadent world and may be the moral POV of the whole thing. Sam Clafin is also on the cast list. Prepare to see Clafin everywhere this Autumn, as well as doing the promo trailer rounds as Finnick in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. He's also starring in the romantic comedy Love, Rosie with Lily Collins, an adaptation of a Cecelia Ahern novel. Douglas Booth rounds up the gorgeous triumvirate with those cheekbones.

To celebrate the movie's release we're taking a look at the posh British boys breaking hearts/tumblr.

Prince Harry
Patriot, red head, seems like a laugh. While the rest of the world is obsessed with seeing the prince, who recently turned 30, settle down we're happy to observe him cheekily grinning across the world with whoever catches his fancy. Except Pippa Middleton - that level of smugness would be unforgiveable.

Tom Hiddleston
He's Loki and seems like the nicest guy ever. An Eton boy, he got a double first in Classics from Cambridge.


Colin Firth
We call Firth the ?When your mother expresses disappointment with some of your life choices, bring up Colin Firth in conversation?. We also went to see him in Magic in the Moonlight last night and he's still got it. Check out our ten reasons to love the man in the jumper here.

Douglas Booth
Yeah. Booth has had us starry eyed since his turn as Pip in the BBC's most recent version of?Great Expectations. In recent years he's been Romeo and has even starred opposite Miley Cyrus in the rather wholesome Netflix graveyard teen movie?Lol. However it was his turn in the Russell Crowe epic?Noah that got us all aflutter. His character had a name we can't recall and spent the whole movie either looking lovingly at Emma Watson, kissing Emma Watson or reassuring Emma Watson he was okay with her character's infertility. He is EXACTLY like that in real life. We hope.

Kit Harington
Jon Snow may know nothing, but he's making us run out of alternative words for fine. The Game of Thrones actually has ancestral links to Charles II. And the best haircut on television.

Eddie Redmayne
That smile! Those freckles! That solo in Les Miserables! Redmayne is a cutie and we can't Google Image him without sighing. He got engaged this year to his long-term girlfriend Hannah Bagshawe, who works in financial publicity.


Benedict Cumberbatch
When Cumberbatch arrived on the scene as the modern incarnation of Sherlock in the hit series, him and his high cheekbones were considered divisive. Now this former Harrovian has a self-appointed army of Cumberbitches and a secret girlfriend whose existence is shattering a million DVR hearts. He also went wet and shirtless for a charity campaign and we have the swoon worthy images here.

Max Irons
We feel like we can claim Irons as one of our own. The son of Jeremy Irons and Irish actress Sinead Cusack, this young actor is making waves in Hollywood. We hear he has a French girlfriend who works in magazines, so there is hope.

Dominic West
While ?Have you seen The Wire?? is arguably one of the last decade's most annoying questions, its leading man is an example of unbridled masculinity. A walking baritone Byronic actually exists-in-real-life fantasy. He's in Pride, this month's feel-good movie about the 1980s gay rights movement involvement with the miner strikes. He disco dances, wears flamboyant scarves and is Dominic West. West has solid Irish connections with a degree from Trinity and an Irish wife. Catherine Fitzgerald was his college girlfriend and after a decade and a bit they rekindled their romance to make things official at Glin Castle in 2010.

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