Moodboard Masterclass

We love nothing more than a good Pinterest session or Polyvore board, but sometimes you need to take things off your device and into your life. Moodboards are a fun and hands-on way to express your vision and to allow it to develop.

Roisin Lafferty of interior design firm Kingston Lafferty recommends making a moodboard before you hit the shops. ?For me, they are paramount when trying to visualise the overall room - it's easy to become side tracked when out shopping. Although it is important to look at each individual item, it's more important to look at the space holistically,? she says.

Before you break out the scissors and Prit Stick, have a look at our seven top tips for moodboard success:

  • Choose a colour scheme you like and stick to it. Include paint and fabric swatches, as these are a handy way of keeping you on the right track.
  • Flick through your favourite magazines and cut out images that appeal to you visually. These don't necessarily have to be pictures of room d?cor; anything that inspires you can be included.
  • Include words that describe the space you want to create. Adding words such as ?calm?, ?fun? or ?neutral? will help remind you what you're hoping to achieve.
  • Add texture to your moodboard by including cutouts of fabric you want to include or samples of wood finishes you love.
  • Bring all the senses into play. Stylist and blogger Ciara O?Halloran from Style Serendipity believes a moodboard shouldn't just be a visual delight. ?Engaging all the senses, even in a digital moodboard, can bring an added dimension and convey the feeling you'd love a space to encapsulate. For example, an image of coffee percolating in the morning light allows you to almost smell the granules and captures the sense of calm you'd like to bring to a kitchen.?
  • Edit your moodboard thoroughly. Don't be afraid to be brutal. If an image doesn't fit in the mood of your board then remove it. This will help keep the board focused and will give you a clearer impression of where your ideas are going.
  • If arts and crafts aren't your thing, fear not, as there are great sites out there for gathering digital inspiration. Our picks are Pinterest, Keep and Polyvore.

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Styling by Marlene Wessels |?Photograpy by @nathaliemc

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