Mon Dieu! Paris Has A Gluten-Free Dating Site

We don't know about you, but when we think of Paris, we immediately conjure up images of bakeries (boulangeries) overflowing with doughy goodness, romantic encounters, and the Eiffel Tower. And that 1995 Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline starring romantic comedy French Kiss. We don't think gluten-free.

However, the French capital is shaking off one of its core values, bread, with new dating app Glut?aime, which aims to help coeliacs hook up with fellow gluten dodgers. Glut?aime marries the words ?gluten? and the verb for ?to love, aimer and is a way for people with the condition to meet other coeliacs and date in places that won't have them shaking their heads at the dessert menu.


The website is a very handy resource for Parisian coeliacs and offers an index of news articles, recipes, shops and restaurants that may appeal to those trying to cut out gluten. You may not find your soulmate, but bread that doesn't make you cry might be out there.

The idea of gluten-free dating isn't new. Websites and online communities have been growing in recent years as people are diagnosed more easily than before and don't want the label to stop them enjoying a social life.


The thought of a decreasingly bready Paris isn't exactly revolutionary either. While the city may have a government decreed recipe for the traditional baguette, Elle points out that sales of gluten-free products have doubled in the past year. Not as plus ?a change as you would think, non?

Would you like to see an Irish gluten-free dating site?


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