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Not every bride and groom fancy the idea of heading into town's most traditional jewellers in search of the perfect solitaire diamond. From halo to three stone rings, it's hard to come across something truly original these days, unless you're prepared to go down the vintage route. And when it comes to something you'll wear on your finger from here on out (well, we hope), it makes total sense that you'd want something personal, special and unique. The other option you've got is to have something custom made, and if it's something you don't see every day, there's no better place to start than with Margaret at MoMuse. Working closely with couples to create the perfect engagement ring or wedding bands, the MoMuse offering is a breath of fresh air in a market that's becoming increasingly repetitive. Here she talks us through her process and what those facing wedded bliss can expect.

1. What kind of people are currently coming into you looking for engagement rings or wedding bands?

It is a mix of young couples who are looking for something different, verging away from the traditional style and who also budget aware.

2. What do you offer people that separates you from the traditional wedding jewellers?

I have designed my gold & rose gold stack rings with black & white diamonds that beautiful and memorable yet so simple to wear and not a typical style of engagement ring.


MoMuse 9kt gold and rose band rings with diamonds from €250.00

3. We're bored of solitaire rings - tell us about the stacks, they sound fab.

These are very simple and people like the idea that you can add to your collection over time from a diamond ring with 19 diamonds to a plain band set with one diamond and a simple gold band that all adds to the look. I had a lovely guy in who was planning his proposal, and we worked together to design a rose gold ring with rubies as his bride to be adored rubies. They got married this past August, and I made her wedding band in a complementing style with champagne diamonds which was a lovely contrast to the rubies and then also made his wedding band in rose gold.

4. What's the process involved when a bride comes into you?

If they like my current collection then I can design and create it in just two weeks in their size or if they have a particular style in mind we start the process by talking through this styles, inspiration pictures, etc. and then we can draw up the design, which they then approve. They must then also decide on the metal be it gold, rose, white gold or platinum which effects price as does the stone or diamond you use. I source my diamonds and precious gemstones directly from my supplier in Antwerp, the home of diamonds.

5. How are you working with the groom in the build up to their engagement, are you designing something unique and new each time?

I absolutely love when they are trying to create a surprise. I did have a guy who bought a ring with cubic zircons, first set on rose gold and after the proposal we changed it over to diamonds and made it to fit her finger, so she was over the moon and was chuffed that he had found the perfect ring.


MoMuse 9k gold ring set with diamonds €800.00

6. What should people be mindful of when it comes to deciding on the perfect ring?

I think many brides can tend to follow trends, and big isn't always better. It's better I feel to think about what you will wear forever and do make sure to shop around and try on plenty of styles before choosing.

7. What do you see as popular choices for brides in the coming years, are we moving away from big glitzy diamonds in favour of something more delicate?

Yes most definitely, brides are looking for something different and delicate - I think this is why rose gold is proving really popular. It also has a certain vintage feel; I think lots of people remember their granny having a rose gold band - it has really gone full circle!

8. What's your ideal wedding band/engagement ring combination?

I love the combination of the black and white diamonds on two separate rings and also really like champagne diamonds.


9.?What else do you offer that people might not have considered?

I also use black diamonds, sapphires and emeralds and these are a really nice option other than just traditional diamonds and some people like to choose their birthstone too which is even more personal.


MoMuse 9kt rose gold ring set with diamonds €800.00

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