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January Russell is one of our favourite Irish models. Not only is she beautiful, health conscious and making serious waves in the fashion industry, she is the best craic to hang out with on set and is the ultimate girl's girl. We quizzed her on what life is like for the beauty.

"A typical morning routine before a show - usually starts with a ridiculously early call time! I'm up at 5am, fall into a taxi by 5:30am, desperately find somewhere open for coffee and then arrive at Brown Thomas for 6am. It's normally pretty relaxed at this stage, so I say my hellos and pop over to have my make-up done. I like to have the chats and find out about which products they're using on me, it's great for a few beauty tips! Then it's over to hair. I'm so lucky to have all these pros telling me how to do things!"

"For an early show - we usually have our fittings the day before, so there's time to change something if an outfit isn't working. I try on shoes, accessories or any changes that have been made since the day before. A little before the show we take off all our socks, jeans, bras, anything that might leave marks on our skin! Its always a relaxed atmosphere just before the show, so we have time to put on any body moisturisers and take a few pics. The stylists calls for the first outfits and we get ready. I get dressed, put on my shoes and get any final hair and make-up touch ups. We line up, and the show begins!"


"Soon as the show is over I - Get coffee with the girls from the show. It's fun to chat about our outfits, hair and make-up, who we saw and what went wrong!

"For breakfast on a day off I love ?The Pepper Pot in Powerscourt Townhouse. Their cheesy scrambled eggs on toast are the best I've ever tasted."

"My workout regime is like this - I normally go through stages of working out loads and eating well to the total opposite! I recently had Polaroid's taken to send to international agencies so I have? been quite conscious of being in good shape. There's nowhere to hide in Polaroids. I have been in the gym about four days a week at Crunch and they have loads of great classes. I do Pilates and abs classes and some weight machines. I like to run too and my (not so little) puppie Twinkle is the best running buddy. We do a few laps of my local park together, and she's really strong so she's great for making me run faster."

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