Missing your takeaway coffee? Ireland's cafés are showing us how to make a great brew at home

Whether you have a trusty french press or prefer a pour-over, we've rounded up the best advice on how to make a great cup of coffee from home

In the weeks that we've all been staying at home, it's interesting to see what little 'treat yourself' things you thought you'd miss, but actually don't, and what things you think about daily. For example, while I haven't once been dying to go out for brunch (I've been eating eggs on toast more often than I'd care to admit anyway), I do still frequently crave a flat white from one of my favourite cafés.

I've never been much of a coffee maker at home, deciding that I'm better off leaving it to the experts, but I'm starting to reconsider as it's clear I'm not going to be able to go and buy a coffee for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, Ireland's coffee roasters and cafés are here to help, as many have been posting brewing guides for those of us who need a helping hand.

Many are also still offering freshly roasted beans, as well as equipment like Aeropress and V60 to order online, so you can support your favourites even if you can't visit in person. Here's how to brew great coffee, no matter what you're working with.


French Press

Even those of us who don't often make coffee at home probably have a French press, or cafetière at the back of a cupboard somewhere. It's also a relatively straightforward method, but we're always open to some pointers.

The lovely folks at Thru The Green in Windy Arbour show us how to make a perfect French press brew in this video, with lots of great tips including pre-heating your press, and the exact measurements and grind you should be using.


Although just an outtake from a video to come, as someone who does not own a milk frother I will definitely be keeping an eye on Bean in Dingle's Instagram for the full video on how to make a flat white with a French Press. Hopefully Justin's dad can keep out of the shot long enough for us to learn how to do this soon!


Another relatively low-tech way to brew coffee, a V60 is a pour-over method that's not too tricky, but it helps to have an expert give us some pointers. Many people love the V60 for being straightforward to use, yet producing excellent coffee.

Lost and Found in Coleraine show us their method for using a V60 in this fun video, showing us that we needn't be intimidated by this slightly fancy looking bit of coffee kit.



Many people swear by the virtues of an Aeropress for amazing coffee, and these rather technical-looking contraptions are actually surprisingly affordable. They do, however, take a bit more getting used to than other coffee methods, so it's worth getting some guidance from the coffee pros.

Coffee subscription service Brewbox here show us how to use an Aeropress, specifically the inversion method. Soma Coffee Company also have an alternative method here, so you can try both and see which you prefer.

Espresso machine

If you've invested in an espresso machine, you're probably something of a coffee aficionado already, but it never hurts to have a few tips to improve your morning brew.


Established Coffee in Belfast are here to help with their advice on how best to make the perfect espresso, as well as little tips they use in the café to get the best out of their machines. These guys also have videos on how to make cinnamon buns, kombucha, and many other coffee brewing methods, so there's plenty of projects to keep you busy during isolation.


Another pour-over method, a Chemex has the advantage of being so beautiful, you'd happily keep it on your kitchen counter all the time. This may not be the best reason to choose a coffee-making method, but I'm certainly tempted.

Colin Harmon from 3fe takes us through the Chemex process in easy to follow steps in this video. He's full of little tips, such as how exactly to place the filter, and why. He also gives us plenty of detail on the difference between this and other brewing methods.


Hand mixer 

It turns out if you have nothing but a hand mixer, you can still make a fancy frothy coffee. The Dalgona coffee drink can be enjoyed hot or cold, has been taking the internet by storm, and is perfect if you're missing your frappuccino fix. It also doesn't require any special coffee-making equipment, as you simply use a hand-mixer to create luxuriously frothy milk.

Food stylist Shilpa Razniewska has shared her method for this sweet treat. Now that the weather is warming up a bit, we're looking forward to enjoying a cold one on a sunny afternoon.

Featured image: Established Coffee


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