Mindfulness Made Easy

Think what you like about mindfulness, that maybe it's for hipsters or that you're just too busy to even toy with the idea of it, but it's backed by science. It works. It's been proven to reduce stress, to reduce anxiety, to help you become more positive, more genuinely happy and more productive at work; the benefits are endless both personally and professionally. But it's finding the time and making that commitment to mindfulness that holds many of us back. Funnily enough, finding even five to ten minutes a day to do nothing other than be still and listen to something super soothing proves challenging.

Recently we spoke about three brilliant apps to make your life easier, a set of sanctuaries in your pocket, if you will, but sometimes you want something a little more personal and that's where mindfulness courses come in. It's where you'll really get to grips with this stress-reducing trend, a trend we plan to incorporate fully into our lifestyle and not something we'll just give up on in the same way we've given up on our new year's resolutions. Apologies, Mr gym membership.

We've just stumbled upon the Irish Mindfulness Institute. They offer free audio tracks (and by the way, we've just given one a listen and are subsequently struggling to keep our eyes open on account of the floaty feeling it's induced), and dedicated mindfulness courses where you can learn first hand about the latest drug-free stress buster/happy pill. You can even do a three day course to become a fully fledged mindfulness therapist too! We could probaly ramble on all day discussing the myriad reasons why you should get involved with mindfulness, but we'll save you some time by directing you to this here explanatory video.


@CarolineForan http://www.irishmindfulnessinstitute.ie/

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