Mind Yourself

As you may already be aware, this week marks as an important reminder to mind yourselves. Yep, it's Mental Health Week. Here at IMAGE HQ, we're all about wellness and ensuring that you've got the necessary tools and information at hand should you ever feel as though things are getting a little difficult.

1. First of all, please know that almost every single one of us will go through some sort of trying time and actively taking care of your mental health isn't just something that's reserved for those who've been diagnosed with mental health issues. We will all struggle, but at the same time what this means is that we're never alone in that struggle; there will always be someone to talk to, someone who understands.
Talking through whatever's ailing you is the first step towards improved mental health. Whether you confide in a friend, a colleague or a professional, help is always at hand. Know that.

2. Secondly, we remind our readers once again of the importance of getting outdoors, going for a stroll or keeping up with a regular exercise regimen. There has been countless studies done on how exercise and being outside in nature can massively improve your mood and your mental health, not just your physique. Yoga is particularly brilliant as a form of exercise that unites your body and mind, is grounding and hugely rejuvenating.

3. Thirdly, as stress and anxiety is one of the most common afflictions in today's society, we reflect on the importance of taking your foot off the gas every once in a while. Remember, nobody has ever found themselves on their death bed saying they wished they had worked more. Your career may be very important to you, but your health and wellbeing should trump it. Be sure to take your annual leave so that you can unwind and reset your batteries. And once in a while, indulge in a duvet day; your mind and body will love you for it. Read more about the benefits of a duvet day here.


It's high time we put as much value on our mental health as we do our physical health. And it's high time mental health issues lost their stigma.

This week, Mental Health Ireland are asking you to text to donate €4 to 50300 to help them to continue their work.

Information on all of their forthcoming mental health events can be found here.

Caroline Foran - @carolineforan

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