Mind Your Ps and Qs

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If you teach nothing else old-school to your children, teach them the value of a handwritten thank you note. The sending of same truly separates the wheat from the chaff manners-wise. Pity the putative daughter-in-law who fails to pen a missive post her first stay with the Fockers and the niece or nephew who takes for granted the annual Lego largesse.? The oversight is unlikely to be overlooked. Ever.

If you do it in style, the card itself will do most of the work.? Here at Image Towers, most of us keep a box to hand on our desks , ready to go- we've also been well-trained to devote a bit of time between Christmas and New Year's Day to getting our thank yous out of the way before the new year runs away with us.? Here are our favourites though blankers without messages are perfectly acceptable, too.

1. Fluoro-edged heavy card, €22 for six

2. Perfect for a host/ess with the mostest, €2.50 each

3.?Etsy has endless potential. €13.46 for 10


4. More fluoro letterpress, €14.95 for six

5. Floral whimsy, €14.95 for 10 at Avoca

6. A basic subscription to nicelynoted.com ( $20) entitles the bearer to three surprise cards a month for a year. Gift it to someone and you're bound to be on the receiving end of a lovely note.

7.?And nothing says it proper quite like Smythson, €55 for 10

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