#MeToo: Women Take To Twitter In Solidarity Post-Weinstein Scandal

In the midst of horror, nothing is more uplifting than the sight of countless, incredible women coming together, united to say: "No more. We've had enough. This ends now." What ends now, you ask? Well, unless you've managed to live under a rock, you'll almost instantly know that it refers to the Weinstein scandal. The despicable?Weinstein scandal that saw one of the most powerful men in Hollywood take a long-awaited fall as it was revealed he (allegedly, according to him) sexually abused many, many women over decades. Hollywood, women around the world - and to be fair, a lot of men too - recoiled in horror, shunned the creep; he no longer held power. But for years he did have power. To destroy lives, quash promising careers and?traumatise?and stalk his victims - all according to the nearly 40 women that have publically spoken out about their ordeals. There was no escaping him; he knew everyone and could get to you in ways you couldn't fathom.

But even though the stories of abuse keep coming out, still people chose?to blame his victims. why didn't they do something sooner, speak out, fight harder, prevent their own assaults from happening? So were the cries of the Daily Mail. They dressed provocatively, surely they were asking for it? added designer Donna Karen. When you're a victim of assault, it's fear, pain - of not being believed, of being told you're overreacting, or that your skirt is too short - and shame that freezes so many and numbs them into silence. We frequently hold women responsible for the actions of men; even giving those with hugely questionable pasts column inches to say out loud his fear of there being "a witch hunt" against potential abusers.

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But it's the smaller words as well as the loud?actions that also deserve?the applause.?Which is why, when women are using social media to show the scale of sexual harassment around the world with a simple hashtag #MeToo to unite in solidarity, we should too. It's a simple, small tweet, but added to thousands - over 30,000 now, it makes a whole lot of noise.

And whether you empathise, want to tell your story or simply want to retweet one that resonates, Me Too are really the only words you need to use.




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