Men Who Earn More Do Less Housework

Karl Lagerfeld may have marched his models down last Autumn's catwalk brandishing placards vaguely alluding to female emancipation, but don't get too excited ladies. Tweed Chanel suits don't dry clean themselves, and a very wealthy boyfriend isn't going to be much help with laundry.

A new paper in the journal Work, Employment and Society has found that men who earn more money than their female partners do less housework than guys who earn less than their wives and girlfriends.

In further research that will surprise no one, women still do most of the housework, regardless of who is earning more. As Jerry Hall didn't say, ?While you may be a CEO in the boardroom with some comfy board of director gigs, you must still be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom. Who makes sure that the duvet is regulary changed.?

While points out the study wasn't particular wide-ranging - only 36 women and 12 men were interviewed and all the couplings were heterosexual - the ray of sunshine takeaway is that most participants think both genders should share the (washing) load.


What's your personal experience of sharing chores?

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