'Men are Idiots'

Now we're not ones to hate on our men, but according to science, and science is always right you know, men are idiots, plain and simple.

OK, let us rephrase that slightly. A new study has emerged that explores the behaviours of men versus women, concluding that men are more likely to engage themselves in risky, idiotic behaviour, thus supporting the old 'Male Idiot Theory', according to Time Magazine.
The Male Idiot Theory has been put forward as a very real thing, based on various studies of hospital records and men's habit of financial risk taking.

This time around, this conclusion comes from a study of the data on the winners of the Darwin Award for the last 20 years. Never heard of it? It's a strange one indeed. Every year, a series of awards, now known as the Darwin Awards are given to those who've died in a manner that can only be described as idiotic. 88.7% of the winners were male, as per the British Medical Journal.
Time suggest that such folk ensure the long-term survival of the human race, as they kindly remove at least one 'idiot' from the gene pool. Apparently, that can only be a good thing.

One such man, we're told, disguised himself during a robbery by spray painting his face in gold before killing himself on account of the toxic paint fumes. Another, according to the Darwin Awards website, insisted on climbing over a zoo fence to pet a tiger, only to be mauled to death.


According to Time, there are some limitations to the scientists' research, given that the male stories are perhaps more newsworthy than those of equally as idiotic women. Still, however, they conclude that 'men are idiots and idiots do stupid things.'

Sorry, men.


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