Meet The Pitaya: Superfood Du Jour

There's a new superfood making waves among the wellness overlords and though we hear it's rather bland, we'll be adding to our fruit salads, smoothies and maybe even including it in a homemade face mask recipe. The Pitaya, aka Dragon Fruit, is new to us, but a popular choice of fruit in South America and East Asia. Pink on the outside and speckled on the inside, this wellness wonder packs a powerful punch. You can find this whole fruit in most Fresh stores, but quite often you'll find it frozen which - we assure you - is just as nutrient dense as the real deal. As per, 100g of this fruit comes in at just 62 calories while at the same time delivering lots of magnesium, vitamin C, those all-important B vitamins, iron, and an impressive array of antioxidants. Word on the street says the Pitaya gives acai berries a good run for their money in the antioxidant department. If all of that wasn't enough, the Dragon Fruit is highly recommended as an aid for any digestive issues, boasting lots of fibre and protein too.


Topically, this gorgeous looking fruit is said to be helpful in treating acne, sunburn and even treat coloured hair.


Apparently, the Pitaya fruit is one of the best superfruits your money can buy. Have you noticed its benefits?

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