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We've undergone some substantial changes over the past few months here at Image HQ. First we got ourselves a spanking new website and made the tricky transition from print to digital doyennes. Then we moved office and had to learn to navigate a new space, and a new microwave. We even got ourselves a whole new magazine on board in between it all. *waves at BASH*

It has been a time of adapting and more than occasional confusion, but a lot of excitement.

Luckily we've had Claire Burge of Get Organised to hold our hands and help us find our feet. She's been a mother hen, an organisational maven and, most of all, a fully-fledged mentor to us all.

Besides letting us in on all the techie trade secrets to help us plough through our to-do lists, Claire - she has a background in industrial psychology don't you know - has made us sit down together and look ourselves honestly in the eye, as a team. We've worked out our strengths, our working styles, where we fit in the structure and where to go from there. Which is exactly what a mentor is for, they help you grow.


So after a knockout performance at our Image Networking Breakfast last week and all that Claire has gifted us, we thought it only fair we share her with you, our readers. This February 12th she's sitting down with Image Publications editor-in-chief Melanie Morris to impart all she's learned. What can you expect at this evening reception? With a more intimate audience than our Networking Breakfasts Claire is going to focus in on what she spoke about last week. Namely provide you with the tools and mindset to make this the year the one when you get all your ducks in a row. Efficiency sounds tempting doesn't it?

For more details about the Image Mentoring Workshop and accompanying Veuve Clicquot reception see here.

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