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PREVIOUS CAREER Launching a luxury brand like Logue London was always something I wanted to do, but it had to be the right product and the right time. I formed a career path after leaving Edinburgh University that would equip me to launch my own brand when the time was right - including PR in New York and London, branding at LVMH, and sales and finance at Morgan Stanley. The idea for Logue came to life during my time as a banker at Morgan Stanley. Although there is a vast array of fashion labels available today, I was unable to find the right items that were perfect not only for work, but also everyday life.

THE CATALYST As a working woman, you spend the majority of your life in the clothes you wear to the office - my wardrobe was starting to increasingly fill up with separates and business attire, which I did not want to wear in the evenings or at weekends. So I created a few dresses for myself that would make dressing extremely easy. They were based on the classic shirtdress - a personal favourite. I designed a luxurious shirtdress made in soft silks and cashmeres, with flashes of colour and complete with leather belts. I lived in these styles for work and play - they became my staple for most occasions. People would ask where they could get one, and I then had a small batch of 100 made up, and they sold within weeks at various trunk shows. It was then that I knew I had a product.

RISKS The unknown is always daunting, but I was so excited to have finally found the right product to launch my own brand that any concerns I had faded into the background.

SURPRISES I have always been more business-minded and love strategising and branding. It surprised me that I actually really enjoy the fabric sourcing and designing. If someone told me how fast-paced the industry was, I would never have believed them - you need to hit the ground running.


SUCCESSES I made a decision to launch the label with an e-commerce site and not to wholesale. After less than two years, we're shipping globally to four continents. I love spotting people on the streets in different cities wearing one of our shirtdresses.

ADVICE It's important to enjoy your job - life's too short.

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