'The audacity': An ode to McDonald's discontinued ice-cream sundae

A recent browse through the IMAGE archives led us to this comical gem. In the summer of 2018, McDonald's discontinued their much-loved 'eurosaver' ice-cream sundae – and one of our writers took it very, very badly. Here she laments her loss

I love McDonald's. It is undeniable. Whenever I catch a glimpse of that large, luminous M, I come undone. I have no self-control in that moment. If McDonald's were a man on Love Island, I would couple up with him and we would have a Boohoo couples code for 20% off your next order. That is how deep the roots of my love go.

End of an era

On the morning of June 27, my heart was shattered in two. McDonald's announced it was axing the beloved ice-cream sundae from its menu.


I was astounded. Was this some crude marketing attempt at a late April Fool's Day prank? Unfortunately, it was not.

Then the grief hit. I couldn't comprehend it. I felt all five stages in the space of 20 minutes. I cried out to my work colleagues that my heart was broken, only to have one of them ask, "Are you not on the McFlurry train?"

No. No, I am not. A McFlurry won't be there for you when you are hungover; when you only need hot caramel sauce surrounded by creamy coolness in a plastic cup.

A McFlurry won't be there for you after a night out, when you only have pennies to spare, and when in your heart of hearts, you believe a caramel sundae with extra caramel is the healthiest option on the menu.

A McFlurry is not romance. It isn't sharing your first kiss with your current boyfriend, in the dodgy corner of a car park at one o'clock in the morning after a sundae. McFlurry’s are all ice-cream and no personality.

Add insult to injury

It's not just me who is outraged at this monstrosity. My Instagram feed is full of woe and outrage at McDonald's abhorrent decision. Friends have contacted me to grieve together; my boyfriend text me in dismay and soon I will have to call my brother – a devout caramel sundae aficionado – and tell him of the news.


To add insult to injury, the sundae is taken from us in the middle of a heatwave; just when we need sundaes the most.

Can it get any worse? Well yes, actually. In addition to this already head-melting situation, McDonald's has the audacity to replace our beloved sundae with a Mini McFlurry. If we wanted a Mini McFlurry, McDonald's, we would have asked for a half portion.

A new world

Alas, the final stage of grief has begun to set in. I must learn to accept this new confectionary world we live in. As time goes on and my wounds begin to heal, I will let the memories wash over me. Through the late nights; the long and hot days; the romance; the happiness and the sadness, my beloved sundae was there.

With a heavy heart, I will move my interests elsewhere. This new, unfamiliar place is Burger King, where the caramel is hot, but just not quite as sweet.

This article was first published on June 28, 2018.


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