This Mash-Up Movie Dance Video Will Cure Your Monday Fear

It's Monday morning. The weekend is over. Friday is a million light years away, and you've got meetings, presentations, pitches and a pile of admin on your desk to sort through. Your mojo is nowhere to be seen. And that's where we come in, or this awesome mash-up dance video to be more specific. Sure to get you shaking and shimmying in your seat before the clock strikes nine, here a man called Robert Jones has cut together 92 different clips of actors dancing in movies and set them all to the fist-pumping, go-getting tune of C+C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now). You've got everything from Bring It On to Night Fever and of course, no dance mash-up video would ever garner our attention without including some of Joe Manganiello's Magic Mike XXL action.

Watch it, feel the motivation rise within you and go get 'em, tiger.


If that didn't do it for you, give this a try.

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