Marks & Spencer have launched a range of 'Easy Dressing' clothes for kids with disabilities

While fashion has long been an industry that's excluded people of different races, sizes and abilities, things have are finally beginning to change. This year, in particular, has seen a surge of inclusive fashion trending across major publications and designers, and now, classic brand Marks & Spencer are adding their name to the list in a very heartwarming way.

M&S has just released their new 'Easy Dressing' range for children - adapted for ease of access for kids who have a disability. Consisting of 106 items, it's being billed as a high-street first, providing problem-free clothing to children who, as M&S says, 'need some extra help'.

The range includes special features for a huge variety of symptoms that kids and their parents might find difficult to dress, such as hidden openings for feeding tubes; easy-open tabs for wheelchair users; all-in-ones for kids who wear a cast, or hidden tags and special material for sensitive skin.

Staying true to the cause, M&S recruited models with conditions including Down's Syndrome, hip dysplasia and cerebral palsy to model the clothes. And the best part, of course, is how fashionable they look:



Easy Dressing T-Shirt - €11-€16

Easy Dressing Heart Dress - €13.50 - €22

Easy Dressing Love T-Shirt - €11 - €15

Easy Dressing Sweatshirt - €16-€24


Having a child with a disability presents a lot of challenges, but clothing and fashion shouldn't be one of them. Huge props to Marks & Spencer for flying the flag for inclusive fashion.


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