WATCH: Marie Keating Foundation launches powerful video campaign with Molly Malone

While breast cancer awareness month has drawn to a close, the Marie Keating Foundation is continuing to spread the word. The charity’s new campaign encourages women to take notice of their breast health by drawing attention to the most photographed breasts in Dublin; those of Molly Malone.

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The statue, which currently stands on the corner of Suffolk Street, is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the capital. Her particularly large bosom is the talking point (and focal point) of thousands of social media posts worldwide.

Realising that people seem to be more aware of Molly’s breasts than their own, the Marie Keating Foundation felt the statue could open an international discussion about breast health.

Did you notice Molly's lump?


Earlier this month, creative agency Rotcho Accenture Interactive created and placed a small lump on one of Molly’s breasts. Interestingly, the lump went completely unnoticed by the general public, who continued to take pictures with Molly (as well as touch her breasts).

The campaign video, which includes a moving rendition of Molly’s song by singer Imelda May, highlights to the public that if a lump on the most famous pair of breasts in Ireland can go without detection, we need to be extra vigilant and thorough with our own breast examinations.

Twenty years of Marie Keating

Liz Yeates, breast cancer survivor and CEO of the Marie Keating Foundation says: “Early detection saves lives. It’s that simple. The Marie Keating Foundation promotes the importance of being aware of the signs and symptoms of all the common cancers.

"This year we are marking 20 years fighting cancer following the passing of Marie Keating, another proud Dublin woman, from breast cancer. If Marie had been more aware of what to look out for and gone to her doctor sooner, she would most likely still be alive today.”

Liz adds, “If a lump on Molly Malone’s breast can go unnoticed, then it reinforces just how important it is that women take notice and make self-checking part of their everyday routine. Know your ‘normal’ so you can act immediately if you notice any changes.”


To learn how to properly check your breasts at home, watch the Marie Keating Foundation video below or click here for more information.

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