Marian Keyes Apologises Over Referendum Tweet

Marian Keyes has taken to twitter to apologise for posting what was deemed an ?offensive? tweet by some in the heat of yesterday's result of the same-sex marriage referendum.

The tweet referenced the No voters in the Roscommon/South Leitrim constituency after the No vote won overall majority there. The fact that the constituency voted No upset the author (as it might have many others), as up to that point, every other had voted Yes.

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?Tip?! I'll give you a tip! Move to Roscommon/South Leitrim and pal around with your own kind. #OfHateFilledBigots" the tweet read.

It was taken down almost immediately after it was posted, when some took offense. Upset was caused because as a few pointed out, not everyone opted for a No vote, which is a fair point. But we don't think she meant to genuinely cause offense. It was just an ill-timed comment.


Marian was instantly contrite at having caused upset, and quite literally, spent hours apologising to people on social media for the tweet.? She said she was going for a ?comic effect? with the tweet and appears genuinely sorry and mortified over the whole thing.

She even took to Twitter again a short while ago, to reiterate:

We love Marian and say fair play for being so genuine with her words of apology. It's never easy when you're in the public eye to fully express your opinions without a lot of people criticising you (no matter what you say), and it was such an emotional day for everyone to begin with so she should definitely be given a break.


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People make mistakes and these days, practically everything we say is on full display and can be taken the wrong way (by anyone). Besides, all of us have said something we regretted in the past.

Onwards and upwards!

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