Man Up Star Lake Bell Talks Rom Coms

Looking for a low-key midweek night out after the rainy bacchanal that was the Bank Holiday Weekend? Well, then you simply have to make some cinema time for Man Up, the new British rom-com starring Simon Pegg and American actress Lake Bell as two Londoners who fall in love over one slightly crazy night.

Lake Bell plays Nancy, a journalist whose love life is heading into endangered species territory. She's just about given up on meeting a man to share her life with when she meets Simon Pegg's Jack in a busy train station. Jack confuses her for his blind date and Nancy panicks. Should she come clean and admit she's not a 24-year-old triathlete, or grab this chance of maybe true love with both duplicitous arms?

It's rare to see a fully fledged rom-com in cinemas these days - which is one reason to go see Man Up. It's a return to the form that made Richard Curtis a byword for guaranteed warm fuzzy feelings. The second reason is Lake Bell. Her English accent is scarily perfect. Like, give this woman a British passport good. We've been fans of the actress since her scene-stealing turn in the Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher rom-com No Strings Attached. And then in 2013 she released In A World?, a smart and sassy film about a female voice artist trying to crack a male dominated industry. Lake wasn't just the perfect lead. She also on writing and directing duties. Her debut feature attracted a tidal wave of critical acclaim and is one of our go-to modern classics.


We caught up with Lake last month in London to talk about Man Up. Have a watch of the interview below, where this talented actress talks about love stories and how she unexpectedly fell for her husband and the father of her daughter, tattoo artist to the stars Scott Campbell. It's all rather sweet. Pretty fab, isn't she?

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