Making Memories: Audrey Hamilton gifts Jack Lowe a Samsung QLED TV for Christmas

Audrey Hamilton, a quirky and creative artist from Dublin, is famous for her eye-catching animal paintings.

She uses bright, vivid colours and always makes her prints to the highest quality. With a strong eye for detail, anything less than exceptional won’t cut it.

Audrey's eye for vivid colours and high-quality visuals has spilled into other aspects of her life too; namely her Christmas shopping.

Why the Samsung QLED TV?


Audrey’s partner, Jack Lowe, is passionate about all things film. He’s an actor and creative producer, and with Christmas just around the corner, a TV seems the perfect gift choice.

Not only is the Samsung QLED TV the only television that meets Audrey's high visual standards, but it also has the ability to bring movies to life like never before.

How does it work?

Using Quantum dot technology, the Samsung QLED TV gives 100% colour volume; meaning your movies, sports and TV shows appear more vibrant than ever.

While colour on other TVs can differ depending on whether there’s natural light coming from a nearby window, Samsung’s QLED TV allows the viewer to see colour (and detail) as you would in the real world.

What’s more, it uses HDR 10+ technology to optimises each individual scene. Black appears darker, shadows more obvious, and colour more vivid. “That means you get rich colours, deep contrasts, and simply spectacular picture quality for every scene you watch,” Samsung says. “It allows you to see what the content producers intended you to see.”


The best part

While the Samsung QLED TV is a Christmas present for Jack, it's also a revolutionary piece of tech for Audrey. When the TV isn't in use, it can double as a piece of wall art.

Rather than a TV's typical black standby screen, Audrey can put the TV into Ambient Mode and display high-resolution images of her artwork.

Television really doesn't get much better than that.

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