Making Memories: Liz Costigan receives Samsung Gear IconX earbuds for Christmas

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Liz Costigan is a yoga teacher, fitness trainer and all-around wellness advocate. She is founder of Positive Fitness Project, and believes in  making fitness and wellbeing accessible to everyone. From advice on healthy eating, yoga classes or one-to-one fitness sessions, Liz has helped many people achieve their wellbeing goals, with her famous positivity making it all the more enjoyable.

Listen uninterrupted

As someone who advocates passionately that it's important to do what's best for you, whether that's runs in the park or crunches in the gym, the Samsung Gear IconX headphones were the perfect Christmas present for Liz. These wireless earbuds can store up to 1,000 songs, so instead of perching her phone on the side of a treadmill or faffing around with pouches to put it in, she can simply leave her phone at home or in the gym locker and train with freedom. The Gear IconX also lets you create playlists, to make sure your focus isn't interrupted by having to skip songs.

Samsung Gear Icon X


Track your workout

What's more, running-fan Liz can even track her distance, time and calories burned with the Samsung Gear IconX headphones. The running coaching feature also keeps you on track while jogging, helping you to set a distance goal and stay at a certain pace. You can then review your progress afterwards with your Health app, to see how close you are to your fitness targets.

Liz's day can involve running from yoga to client sessions to talks on wellbeing and fitness, so the Samsung Gear IconX headphones' long battery life is perfect for her busy lifestyle. They have up to seven hours of playback on a full charge, and can easily be re-charged by simply popping them into their case, making sure you'll never be left with silence in the middle of a workout.

To see the Samsung Gear IconX headphones in action, watch the video of Liz above; or click here for more information. 

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