Making Memories: Courtney Smith gifts Alex Hutchinson a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Stylist Courtney Smith and fashion photographer Alex Hutchinson are two powerhouses in the Irish fashion industry. The pairing has created some of the most beautiful and innovative images over the last few years, and they're continuing to break the creative mould.


Teamwork makes the dream work. Having created imagery for brands such as Parfois and Primark, these collaborators have a global appeal.

Alex often shoots on location and in rural environments, which establishes a real connection between the photographs and the viewer. Meanwhile, Courtney prefers to travel across the globe, shooting unique imagery.


Their visions complement each other; however, their busy work schedules means multi-tasking can prove difficult, especially when they want to increase productivity.

Made for super-tasking

The Galaxy Tab S4 is made to break productivity boundaries and fits seamlessly into a busy life that is always on the go – so Courtney knew it was the perfect gift for Alex this Christmas.

The tablet has the same power productivity as a PC, but with the flexibility and portability of a tablet. Just like a PC, the Galaxy Tab S4 possesses a taskbar and a drag and drop function, meaning Alex can edit images with complete ease.

What's more, Alex can write down any bursts of imagination with the S Pen and the screen-off memo function.

Memory space is vital for Alex so that he can successfully store and keep his collection of images. With 64GB and 256GB internal storage (and an additional memory of up to 400GB through the MicroSD card slot), the S4 is the perfect addition to his photography kit. It means both he and Courtney can continue to design their creative vision with ease.

To see the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 in action, watch the video of Courtney and Alex above; or click here for more information. 


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