Make Your Own Gastropub Tuna Tartare

A tasty tuna dish guaranteed to hit the spot, courtesy of chef Eamonn Connors?

Eamonn Connors is head chef at?The Old Spot, a new gastropub in Dublin's Beggars Bush. Opened by Barry and Paul McNerney - owners of Juniors and Paulie's Pizza - with Brian O'Malley?and Stephen Cooney of The Bath Pub, it's a promising combination of talent if ever there was one. Here he shares the recipe for their tantalising tuna tartare.

The Old Spot's tuna tartare with crispy yucca, avocado, lime and chipotle mayo
Serves 2

* 200g fresh tuna (sashimi grade is best)
* juice of 2 limes?and zest of 1
* sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
* glug of olive oil
* Tabasco
* 100g mayo
* 1 tsp chipotle chilli peppers adobo (available from
* 1 yucca (available in most ethnic stores)
* vegetable oil, for frying the yucca
* 2 avocados, diced
* chopped coriander, to garnish


Scroll down the for method...

1 Dice the tuna into 1/4in squares.
2 Finely grate the zest of 1 lime. Mix with the tuna along with the juice of 2 limes, add a dash each of the salt and pepper, a glug of olive oil and a splash of Tabasco, then taste for seasoning and set aside.
3 Mix 1 tsp chipotle chilli adobo into the mayo and set aside.
4 Peel the skin of the yucca and, using your peeler, create ribbons. Fry the ribbons in hot vegetable oil until crisp.
5 Once the yucca has been cooled and plated, arrange the diced avocado on top, add a good dollop of chipotle mayo and then delicately place the tuna on the plate. Garnish with chopped coriander. Serve immediately with fresh lime wedges. Enjoy!

The Old Spot, 14 Bath Avenue, Sandymount, Dublin 4, 01 660 5599;

Words?Lizzie Gore-Grimes. Photography?Doreen Kilfeather.

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