Make Your Own Christmas Decoration With Cath Kidston

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Designer, entrepreneur, author and businesswoman Cath Kidston will be joining editor-in-chief Melanie Morris for a special evening in the Marker Hotel on January 19th and we can't wait to meet her! Find out about how to get tickets here!

Her eponymous label is synonymous with all things floral and kitsch, but her most recognised mascot would have to be Stanley the dog. Here's how you can make your own Stanley Christmas Decoration using the instructions from Cath Kidston Ltd's book, Make Your Own Christmas Decorations.

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You will need;?

  • Red, brown, green, cream, pink and blue felt
  • Red, Brown and cream embroidery thread
  • 15cm length brown waxed cord
  • This paper template
  • Air-erasable pen
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissorsolyester toy stuffing.
  • Polyester toy stuffing.

cath kidston

  • Assemble all the materials, equipment and templates you need.
  • Using an air-erasable pen, trace the outline of each paper template onto the correct colour felt.
  • Following the outlines carefully, cut out all the felt shapes you need. Pay particular attention to any shapes that must be reversed.
  • Place the brown ear over the cream dog. Place the cream ear over the brown dog. Stitch in place with cream and brown thread.
  • Place the pink coat over the cream dog. Place the blue coat over the brown dog. Stitch in lace with cream and brown thread.
  • Embroider French knots, in the correct positions for the eyes, in brown thread on the cream dog and in cream thread on the brown dog.

cath kidston

  • Place the dogs together and work edging stitches all the way round, leaving a small gap at the centre back.
  • Fill the dog with toy stuffing, but do not overfill. Use the rounded end of a pencil to push the stuffing gently into any curves or corners.
  • Stitch the gap to enclose the stuffing, adding the hanging loop of waxed cord. Knot the cord ends and work extra stitches over it to secure.
  • Lay the cream hat band over the red hat and stitch in place with cream thread. Fold the red hat in half and join along the side seam with red thread.
  • Place the hat, with band attached, on the top of the dog's head and stitch in place. Embroider a small nose on the front central seam with a few long straight stitches.
  • Wrap the red string around Stanley's neck and join the ends to make the collar. Add the holly leaves and red pompoms to the collar.

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If you're confused about any steps, check out this video below or read?the instructions on


Join editor-in-chief, Melanie Morris on January 19, 2016?and get inspired by Cath Kidston - the woman behind this iconic brand. For tickets, please click here, call 01 271 9615 or email [email protected].

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