Mae Whitman is Our New Favourite Person After This Dawson's Creek Reading

Dawson's Creek director Kevin Williamson hosted a surprise gender-switched table read of the pilot episode of the hit teen show and had a whole host of current TV stars play the roles, including the stars of?Friday Night Lights,?Patrick J Adams and his co-stars from?Suits and original cast member Kerr Smith (who played Jen). However it was Mae Whitman who hands down stole the show for her portrayal as the Spielberg-obsessed Dawson to Adams' sarcastic Joey, while?Suits?star Abigail Spencer plays a hormone-driven?Pacey, infatuated with his teacher.

Find yourself a quiet corner to?watch this and try not to giggle:

Whitman even fangirled a little bit by bringing a framed picture of Tim Riggins, a.k.a. Taylor Kitsch, resident hottie (sorry Colin) in the new True Detective?series and Rachel McAdam's current squeeze.?We hear you, Mae.

Whitman has been acting since she was a child and played the adorable daughter in Independence Day,?One Fine Day?and?Hope Springs. Next up she plays the hilarious Bianca Piper in the new film?The D.U.F.F.?where she plays a high schooler shocked to learn that she's the'designated fat friend.


When it was 'recently announced that Whitman would be the only actor not to reclaim their role for the new?Independence Day 2?and instead cast an actress considered "hotter", her friends were rightly outraged.?Anna Kendrick made sure to make her thoughts known with this twitter status:


They're like a cooler indie version of T.Swift's Swan Squad. All they need now is to befriend Jennifer Lawrence and the entire world will simultaneously swoon.

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