Maddie Ziegler's Latest Viral Dance Video Is Incredible

Last year music fans around the world learned the name Maddie Ziegler after the 13-year-old featured in a slew of Sia's music videos. Remember Chandelier? That was Ziegler making you feel inflexible. It's been a crazy journey for Ziegler, who originally made her name on reality television show Dance Moms and won the Seriously Popular gong at the People's Choice Awards last year.

For more evidence that this gal isn't a flash in the internet pan, Ziegler recently landed a gig with American dancewear label Capezio and features in their latest campaign, which has gone viral.

The short film sees her, clad in all black, arrive to a ballet class where her classmates are practicing at the barre in a parade of white. They all line up, including Maddie, and get ballet-ing. At first the music is mournful and dramatic, everyone dances in unison, until Maddie breaks away to perform her own interpretative moves. The class joins and it's all very hypnotic.


If you thought 2015 was Ziegler's year, you may have to brace yourself for her eventual world domination.

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