Lucuma: Your New Superfood Best Friend

For health freaks who cannot shake their devilish sweet tooth, we bring you good news: Lucuma (pronounced loo-koo-mah) is your new best friend.

Natasha Corrett, author of the Honestly Healthy cookbook series (which, we're told is one of Victoria Beckham's favourites, don'tcha know) describes Lucuma as nature's caramel. How marvellous! When writing for the March issue of Women's Health, Corrett explains that this wonder food is among her absolute favourites as it is one of very few superfood sweeteners. As you can imagine, the words 'superfood' and 'sweet' are usually found on opposite ends of the spectrum. Apparently, this healthy treat tastes just like butterscotch. However, unlike that sugary, buttery badness, Lucuma is packed to the brim with antioxidants, potassium, iron, zinc, calcium and your beloved B vitamins.

Boasting many benefits, including skin-healing fatty acids and the ability to help stave off blood sugar dips it's easy to see why Lucuma is having a moment.

As one of the most nutritionally dense superfoods, we're sold.


Get your hands on the pulp of the sweet lucuma fruit, add it to smoothies, mix it through your porridge or simply enjoy it by the teaspoonful!

For an extra handy option, try the powdered version from Nua Naturals. Irish and organic.


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