Love Island: a definitive list of Shaughna Phillips' best one-liners

Shaughna Phillips' turbulent love life has led to some seriously funny one-liners. Here are some of our favourites

Shaughna Phillips has been described as the stand-out star of winter Love Island – and for good reason. The 25-year-old Londoner is always ready with a quip or sarcastic comment, so much so that before she entered the villa, she said, "I never know when to shut up".

Despite pairing with Callum on the first night, Shaughna has been rather unlucky in love on the show. When twins Jess and Eve Gale arrived at the villa, both sisters had their eyes on her man. Jess even succeeded in stealing him for a while, that is until Callum got jealous of new arrival Connagh and decided he wanted Shaughna back.

Then, just when Shaughna and Callum finally reunited, Rebecca Gormley arrived on the scene from Newcastle. In the 24 hours since she's been on the show, she has already had a date and kissed Callum. Needless to say, Shaughna is fuming.


While we hate to see anyone upset or annoyed, Shaughna's turbulent love life has led to some seriously funny one-liners. Here are our favourites:

Shaughna's best one-liners

"I need to remember, I came to Love Island to find a boyfriend, not a son."

"I might drown my sorrows. Or just drown."

"Mike thinks he's the Gok Wan of relationships."

"Hello, Michael."

"I hope it's a quick date. I hope it's not a three-course meal – 'cause I'm tired."


"If those boys come back up and can tell the difference between Jess and Eve, I'm kicking off."

"I just slipped off to take my braces out and I come back and my man’s gone."

"I'm having a Tony Blair in here."

"I would melt like a Lindor."

"I’m an insecure Ian."

"Why can’t I just fancy Nas?"

"I'd rather find out on day two that Callum's a wet wipe rather than day 17 or some sh*t."


"I think she took on board what I was saying, but she didn't give one ounce of f*ck."

"Shall we go and smash a few toasties?"

Photo: Love Island., ITV

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