Love Island: Why I'm disgusted by everyone's treatment of Nas Majeed

Love Island's Nas Majeed has been the butt of the joke for the entire season so far – but on Wednesday night, things went too far

He's been repeatedly teased for being the shortest guy in the villa. He's been taunted for not having a girlfriend and for not being chosen for a date. Still, he's put on a brave face; smiled through the jokes and continued to be the positive energy force he's always been.

But in Wednesday night's episode of Love Island, the cast member's treatment of Nas Majeed overstepped the mark.

A genuine friend


The sports science graduate and builder has been unlucky in love since entering the South African villa. Despite being coupled up with Siannise Fudge on day one, she made it clear she wasn’t interested in him and soon moved on to somebody else. Nas then re-coupled with Jess Gale, but they agreed they were better off as friends. It wasn’t until two weeks into the competition that he finally met new-arrival Demi Jones, who at this early stage, seems like a promising match.

While he hasn’t been a hit with many ladies in the villa, Nas has been a firm favourite with viewers since the start. Not only is he entertaining to watch (his quirky and awkward sense of humour make him a ray of sunshine on January television), but he’s also kind-hearted and a genuine friend to everyone in there. Last week, Nas chose to save Siannise from being sent home, despite the fact she had been rude to him on several occasions. When Jess was upset that her twin Eve had been sent home, he was one of the first to keep her company and help her smile again.

He has also been a loyal friend to all of the boys, offering them friendship, support and good-old-fashioned lad banter around the pool. Why then, do the Love Island cast think it’s okay to repeatedly mock and take advantage of him?

Disgusting behaviour

Love Island is so-named for a reason. It's not 'friendship island' or 'stay in the villa long enough until I'm famous island' – yet for some reason on Wednesday, viewers watched as Sophie Piper and Leanne Amaning attempted to destroy Nas's first chance at romance in the villa.

The boys were asked to pick one girl each to re-couple with, leaving one girl standing who would then be sent home. Despite being fully aware that Nas had clicked with Demi, and that he was finally in with a chance to find love, both women set about manipulating Nas to pick them.

Sophie (whose supposedly 'perfect guy' has already been sent home) and Leanne (who voluntarily dumped her partner Mike the day before), pulled Nas aside and insisted they didn't want to go home. "We want to stay. We don't want to go home," they begged him, with no consideration whatsoever for their friend's happiness.


Considering the fact that Nas has been nothing but gentlemanly to them since the beginning, their selfish and desperate pleas for him to sacrifice his own relationship for them is disgusting. Surely, if they were as genuine a friend as Nas has been to them, they would want him to pursue his opportunity with Demi?

Twitter reacts

Twitter users are also horrified by Sophie and Leanne's behaviour on Wednesday night. One person said, "These girls are guilt-tripping Nas out of love so they [can] stay in the villa. This is f*cked." While another said, "Funny how the girls are all encouraging Nas to meet someone until it means they may be going home."


In the end, Nas finally put himself first and followed his heart; choosing Demi over both Sophie and Leanne. The decision came as a relief to everyone who's been rooting for Nas since the start.

Leanne, who was the architect of her own downfall, became the next islander to be sent home – and based on her behaviour during Wednesday night's episode, all we can say is 'deserved'.

Photo: Love Island, ITV

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