Lottie Moss for Calvin Klein Jeans

What do we make of Kate's younger sister?

Goes without saying that a Calvin Klein Jeans capsule collection that harks back to the 90's is to our taste. The iconic sweatshirts and tshirts, the original momma jeans and the high-waist skinnies that defined an era that is so prevalently back, has us overcome by desirable #tb. The campaign for the jeans famously saw nudity and sexuality plastered across billboards everywhere, presenting the upcoming model du-moment, Kate Moss, in those grungy and iconic images.


21 years later her youngest sister is taking up the baton. Signed to her sister's agency, Storm Models, Lottie Moss at only 16 has been the face of the Calvin Klein Jeans campaign in collaboration with mytheresa.com. Against her family wishes, Lottie has chosen her sister's path, and this is her first high-profile outing in the world of fashion. But what do we make of Moss junior? A pale comparison to her sister, a misguided teen, or a the new brazen and beautiful face of Brit beauty?

Mytheresa.com collection available here

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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