L'Or Mayo

Her Grace Jones-worthy fierceness, elegant frame and never-ending limbs have made her the one to watch, literally. L?Or Mayo bounces in to meet us, clutching a notebook emblazoned with the perfect picture of a dog dressed as Karl Lagerfeld, smiling ear to ear, the total opposite to her onstage persona. ?I've just seen the most beautiful Marc Jacobs bag,? she enthuses, and immediately we know - we love this girl. The master of model-off-duty style, she's cuddled in an oversized H&M sweater, skinny jeans and biker boots. Does she wear make-up? ?No, but I moisturise! It's so important. Clarins is my go-to.? Her face lights up when we mention the F word. ?I'm fashion obsessed! I live every aspect of it. I spend my time researching trends, I studied marketing and buying in college, and I've always wanted to model.? When she was approached in Brown Thomas at the age of 16 and asked to model for free in a beauty shoot, she jumped at the chance; little did she know that she'd be stomping the catwalks for the biggest Irish designers just a few weeks later. ?It's mad, isn't it?? she beams. We're all aware of the trials and tribulations models face, so how does shestay on track? L?Or is frank: ?It's a hard business. You have to love it because it's long hours and you never know when the next job is going to arrive. You have to stay in shape and take care of yourself inside and out.? Despite her work ethic, her wicked grin tells us she likes to have fun. ?I prefer house parties to going out, and I love to cook. I could watch Come Dine With Me reruns all day! The cake at Queen of Tarts, Cow's Lane, is my favourite thing, and I love to work out at Zest Fitness. I run, I exercise and I dance.? She's a natural beauty - glowing skin and sparkling eyes, but it's L?Or's joie de vivre that has us following her Instagram for backstage snaps, weekend adventure updates and brilliant outfit selfies.

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