London Weekender

It feels almost like we have a duty to make a cultural and culinary voyage across the channel at times, to remind ourselves of what world-class looks like. Afer a recent trip back from London it is hard to get away from the fact that it has become a design-obsessed city, where aesthetics and concept have melded into a single thing, resulting in perfectly executed projects that take off both theoretically and financially. So here are a few things absolutely worth making a quick trip to London for.

Martin Creed: What's the point of it??Creed's retrospective addresses that familiar interrogative we encounter when faced with contemporary art. Throughout his career he has been know for breaking new ground whilst always maintaining a sense of humour and mischief. This latest show on at The Hayward, encapsulates this with a fair smattering of nudity and rudeness, whilst making us look at the stimulus behind our questioning. The balloon room is exceptionally fun?

On the Bab?It presents itself as an on-trend tiled diner but serves light, genuine and remarkably delicious Korean food right in the middle of Shoreditch. Unpretentious and bang-on, the pricing reflects the laid-back atmosphere, which has people running in and out for a quick meal or for a night-long sit down dinner. The seafood pancakes and Bibimbab both highly-recommended.

Happiness Forgets?Voted one of the best cocktail bars in the world only last week, Happiness Forgets has become a popular hide-out off Hoxton Square. Its candle-lit basement location serves as a perfect setting to cocktails that seem to make you aware of aromas and flavours you were previously unaware of . A rather slick outfit, with mixologists serving cocktails in braces. Small,dark and delicious.


Punch Drunk: The Drowned Man?You are a warned to wear comfortable shoes for Punch Drunk's latest piece. And for the length of the performance the audience wear a mask. Inspired by Woyzeck Punch Drunk take their audience on an immersive journey through the fringes of Hollywood and the film industry to reveal its hidden truths and its forgotten people. The hottest ticket in town, book well in advance.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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