Little Boy Stands Up For Woman Getting Harassed And It Is Brilliant

Receiving an unsolicited compliment regarding our appearance can be a lovely thing and a real mood and confidence booster. It's nice. However, what isn't nice is being catcalled in the street, only to get called a b**ch for choosing not to respond to the, ahem, gesture.

This is what happened to a woman named Julia Price while she was out running. Enraged at being subjected to such verbal abuse, she was preparing to let the man in question have it, when a young boy, James decided to swoop in and save the day.

In a post on Facebook, which has gone viral (the post has been liked over 500,000 times), Price said?that the youngster wasn't taking any nonsense and explained what happened:

"I was on my usual running path when I heard an older man yelling loudly enough for me to hear through my headphones. "Sexy lady, hey hey hey sexy lady!" He kept screaming it, and I decided just to ignore him and keep running.This ignoring seemed to piss him off, so he lashed out and said, "eff you, dumb B****!" Now let's keep in mind he was well dressed and appeared to be on his lunch break from an office job,? she explained.

?That was my trigger point. The B word,? she said. ?I ripped off my headphones prepared to stand up for myself when this little boy who was walking alongside his mother and little sister in a stroller looked at the guy and said, "Hey. That is not nice to say to her, and she didn't like you yelling at her. You shouldn't do that because she is a nice girl and I don't let anyone say mean things to people. She's a girl like my sister and I will protect her."


The man became flustered and embarrassed, according to Price, and left right away.

Our hearts have officially turned to mush. Price asked James if she could give him a hug to thank him, to which he adorably replied: "Well I just wanted to make sure your heart was okay."

We can't deal with the cuteness of this story. For anyone who needs a lift today, this will do it. Also, herein lies definitive proof that manners and chivalry still exist. God bless that little boy.

Read Price's full post below:

I was on my usual running path when I heard an older man yelling loudly enough for me to hear through my headphones. "...

Posted by Julia Price on?Wednesday, 18 November 2015


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